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Carriage of Goods

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DMC/SandT/15/05NG18  '''England''' '''Société de Distribution de Toutes Marchandises en Côte D’Ivoire, trading as “SDTM-CI”, and others v. Continental Lines N.V. and another (the “Sea Miror”)''' '''English High Court: Flaux J; 18 June 2015: [2015] EWHC 1747 (Comm): [[]]''' '''SYNACOMEX 90 CHARTERPARTY: LOADING AND DISCHARGING TO BE AT THE EXPENSE AND RISK OF THE SHIPPERS/CHARTERERS AND RECEIVERS/CHARTERERS RESPECTIVELY: WHETHER OWNERS RESPONSIBLE FOR CARGO LOSS AND DAMAGE OCCURRING DURING LOADING AND DISCHARGE'''  DMC/SandT/15/05

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